Colin’s broad experience means that he is skilled in all aspects of web design and development. His development skills include PHP, ColdFusion, SQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS. He is also a strong designer, using Photoshop and Flash to produce stunning, clean, and effective websites. His degree in Computer Science from the University of Limerick ensures he has a solid grounding in all aspects of software development. That combined with a Masters in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh means Colin can easily traverse the boundaries between design and development, thus creating effective websites that meet both clients’ aesthetic and technical needs. He has a particular passion for web standards and for learning how adhering to them can ensure that clients’ websites are easy to find, navigate, and understand.

Colin’s other skills include training in usability, project management, team management, and web advertising. He can lead technical discussions/design meetings and then deliver this information in a format that is easily understood by everyone. A caring person with a strong belief in work/life balance, he is dedicated to achieving great things in his career, yet also greatly values the time he’s not at work. Colin was drawn to Raised Eyebrow because of their philosophy, their honest and friendly nature, as well as their determination to take on projects that they feel strongly about and which can help make a difference in people’s lives.