More automation with Drush shebang shell scripting

Last weekend our dev team attended the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. We had a blast, we nerded out about Foundation and we learned a lot (especially about SCSS and Compass). We were taking furious notes and we can expect some big changes to come to our Cogito Foundation theme in the coming weeks. 



This is a post in a series about some new tools we've been folding into our workflow here at Raised Eyebrow. 

I'll give you a scenario: You've got a client who needs a change NOW but wants to vet the change before it goes live.

Building the DataPublic DataSet Feature

We recently launched a Drupal distro called DataPublic. I mentioned in the announcement blog post that it was probably the largest codebase we had worked on at Raised Eyebrow, and that's accurate. The number of custom modules, contrib modules and themes used was definitely up there with some of the largest sites we've built for clients.

Using oEmbed to deliver video thumbnails in Drupal

We've gone to great lengths over the past few years to create a smooth workflow for allowing clients to insert video on their Drupal sites. We're currently working on a Drupal distribution which needs a really straightforward way for embedding video, one that can be achieved by any type of user.

When we first meet with clients we give them two options for video:


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