Rewrite a Views query

Recently, due to Views lack of ability to OR it's filters together and due to some serious constraints in relation to arguments and relationships, I found myself needing to figure out how to rewrite the SQL of a Drupal view so that I could get the records that I needed.

It seems like there are two ways to do this. You can either rewrite the SQL directly, or try to hack the query object that views provides.

A quick Google search and I ended up on

Job Posting closes soon

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We're hiring…

We're expanding our team here at Raised Eyebrow, and this time we're looking for a Front-End Developer/Themer -- someone who loves building websites, and is looking to extend their skills with Drupal and WordPress.

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Strange permissions on Coda file uploads

I've been working with Coda now for a few weeks and it's been going pretty smoothly. There are a few bugs in the software, or they may even be feature requests :) When creating a file locally and subsequently uploading it to the server the file permissions are set to 700. This was causing all sorts of weirdness on a Drupal site that I'm currently theming. This is definitely a bug, however it's pretty easy to overcome. In "Preferences -> Transfers" there is an option to "Set permissions on upload".

Theming multiple value CCK fields in Views

I'm working on a site right now that has a Publications content type, which in turn has a multiple value CCK text field for Author. If more than one author was input I needed them to display as a comma separated list in a view. How do you go about modifying this? My first stop was the theming info link in Views, and that helped me narrow it down to a template file to use, views-view-field.tpl.php().

Drupal Coda Book

I'd been itching to try out Coda as my development tool, and their recent 3 day sale meant I got a copy for $45. It's pretty good so far, I have a couple of issues with it that I'll cover in a later post. One really nice thing about it is the Books feature. This allows you to add reference material to your Coda development environment and search it without having to go to a browser.


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