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Have you ever been flummoxed by strange things happening when you paste your content into the rich text area on your website? Maybe the content behaves weirdly or looks inconsistent with the rest of the site?

Sliders: Not the promised land

I was recently given my own 'Hunger Games' style nickname at the office: The Girl Who Hates Sliders. (Don't worry, nicknames and competition for the last cookie is the closest our office gets to a dystopian novel.)


Our clients often ask for sliders and I don't blame them. When I first started web design I thought they were a miracle solution. Here's what people think they're getting:

BC Candidate Lookup plugin for Citizens Connected

In anticipation of the upcoming provincial election we were looking for ways to help organizations who want to target email campaigns at electoral candidates.

In parternship with OpenNorth we inputted candidate data which then became available to us as part of the fantastic opennorth API. From that point it was just a matter of tweaking our federal mp lookup plugin to consume it.

More automation with Drush shebang shell scripting

Last weekend our dev team attended the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. We had a blast, we nerded out about Foundation and we learned a lot (especially about SCSS and Compass). We were taking furious notes and we can expect some big changes to come to our Cogito Foundation theme in the coming weeks. 


Covenant House Vancouver Now Mobile Responsive


This week we launched a very exciting project for our beloved friends and longterm clients at Covenant House Vancouver. While there's no doubt that their new site is beautiful, the really exciting part for our team was that with this project we got to help Covenant House become a leader in providing a truly mobile responsive website to help serve their own clients, as well as for easy use by supporters and donors.


Recent Site Launches

We've been busy these last few months working on some really great projects. Some of them will be launching soon, but for now I wanted to take a few minutes over a cup of tea on this sunny afternoon to update you on some recent launches:



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