Inexpensive Image Editing Tools: Format your photos on a budget

We're often asked for recommendations on image editing software that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Photoshop is fantastic, but the price tag is steep, and in fact, its strengths can also be weaknesses in that it's actually such a powerful program that it can overwhelm the novice or intermediate user.

So, where do you turn if your needs are relatively straightforward and your budget is limited? I would recommend one of the following tools:

Rewrite a Views query

Recently, due to Views lack of ability to OR it's filters together and due to some serious constraints in relation to arguments and relationships, I found myself needing to figure out how to rewrite the SQL of a Drupal view so that I could get the records that I needed.

It seems like there are two ways to do this. You can either rewrite the SQL directly, or try to hack the query object that views provides.

A quick Google search and I ended up on

We're hiring…

We're expanding our team here at Raised Eyebrow, and this time we're looking for a Front-End Developer/Themer -- someone who loves building websites, and is looking to extend their skills with Drupal and WordPress.

Beyond our roster of fantastic, progressive clients, we offer a positive & healthy work environment, beautifully remodeled heritage office space, and a team of web experts who love what we do and are keen to share knowledge and produce top-notch work.


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