Adjusting Your Facebook Page Strategy for 2014

There was much talk made of the changes to how Facebook shows posts from Pages at the end of last year, you can see my thoughts here. If you missed it, the short story is that Facebook is now making increasingly clear that in order for posts produced from Pages (not individual personal accounts, but Pages) to be shown in supporters' feeds you will need to pay through their promoted post system.

Noticing a Drop Off in Facebook Activity for Your Non Profit Page? You're Not Alone

I've been having more conversations than usual with the clients we do digital strategy work for about significant drops in Facebook activity over the last while. Posts that would typically get a lot of traction (shares, views, comments etc) are performing at far lower numbers, and traffic to their other web properties via Facebook referrals also seems to be dropping.

Hold the Comments

Like many of the requests for online functionality we receive from clients these days, setting up online commenting is extremely easy to do. The CMS's we use (primarily Wordpress and Drupal) have good systems built in for commenting, and other than needing to make sure you also install functionality to remove/filter spam posting, commenting is technically extremely easy. Where additional commenting tools like voting up and down comments, or threaded comments are important to our clients, additional functionality is also very achievable.

Why I'm Loving Medium

Medium, tagline "A better place to read and write things that matter", is the latest project of Ev Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame. It's a platform, currently in select user  beta, that allows those selected users to write content and publish it to the web. So what? There are lots of tools that allow for that, some of them created by Ev in fact. Here's what makes Medium different (and what I happen to love about it):

BC Candidate Lookup plugin for Citizens Connected

In anticipation of the upcoming provincial election we were looking for ways to help organizations who want to target email campaigns at electoral candidates.

In parternship with OpenNorth we inputted candidate data which then became available to us as part of the fantastic opennorth API. From that point it was just a matter of tweaking our federal mp lookup plugin to consume it.

Changing perspectives on Phone calls and SMS

There are around 6 billion active mobile phones worldwide which exceeds the world population. That's a staggering statistic. It's also a huge market. It should be noted that this number relates to all mobile phones, not smartphones specifically, so "dumb" phones as well. Most of these "dumb" phones allow you to perform two basic actions - make & receive voice calls and send & receive SMS messages.

3 Month Check-ups for Your Website

We've recently started implementing 3 month follow-up meetings post a site/app/project launch with our clients as a formal part of our process (meaning it actually goes on the task list then turns into a meeting). I'm writing this post at a coffee shop, just a few minutes after completing one such review and reflecting on why we didn't implement this formally much sooner.


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