Adjusting Your Facebook Page Strategy for 2014

There was much talk made of the changes to how Facebook shows posts from Pages at the end of last year, you can see my thoughts here. If you missed it, the short story is that Facebook is now making increasingly clear that in order for posts produced from Pages (not individual personal accounts, but Pages) to be shown in supporters' feeds you will need to pay through their promoted post system.

Noticing a Drop Off in Facebook Activity for Your Non Profit Page? You're Not Alone

I've been having more conversations than usual with the clients we do digital strategy work for about significant drops in Facebook activity over the last while. Posts that would typically get a lot of traction (shares, views, comments etc) are performing at far lower numbers, and traffic to their other web properties via Facebook referrals also seems to be dropping.

Changing perspectives on Phone calls and SMS

There are around 6 billion active mobile phones worldwide which exceeds the world population. That's a staggering statistic. It's also a huge market. It should be noted that this number relates to all mobile phones, not smartphones specifically, so "dumb" phones as well. Most of these "dumb" phones allow you to perform two basic actions - make & receive voice calls and send & receive SMS messages.

Do you need an App or just a good Mobile ready website?

There's a lot of talk about mobile and tablet ready Apps these days, and for very good reason. There are some very impressive and excellent apps out there that are changing the way a lot of us managing information and interact with each other. That said, I just sat in on a webinar for a Mobile Giving app for non-profits and while the technology has certainly come a long way and is pretty darned easy to deploy at this point, I was left wondering whether or not it was what most non-profits need.

Social Media for Nonprofit Boards

Update: Our slide deck, and a full recording of this presentation, are now available for viewing - just scroll down to the end of this post. Like many of my colleagues here at Raised Eyebrow, I sit on a couple of nonprofit boards in my spare time - and one of the things that's been rewarding for me when I wear that hat is that I can br


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