Ultra productivity and The Micro-sprint

10 months ago my wife had a baby. Everything changed as you can imagine. Now I have precious little time for doing those things I took for granted a year ago, like a little home coding, or playing with XBMC, or doing whatever I like on a Tuesday evening at home, while sipping a brew and lounging on the sofa after dinner!

Prevent client frustration by reducing downtime

We've all been there, the phone rings and suddenly it's panic stations. A client site is down, they're panicing and are very upset, and we have to drop everything to find out what's happening. This doesn't happen often, but when it does it puts the client and the whole dev team in a spin. It certainly not predictable, it's somewhat preventable, and it's completely frustrating.

Using Droptor to better serve our Drupal clients

We work hard to streamline our processes here at Raised Eyebrow. We've come a long way since I was the sole developer and using FTP to install Drupal 4.x sites. One thing that's always been difficult to manage is ensuring that all of our Drupal sites have the most recent security updates installed. Given that fact that last year alone we launched over 30 websites and so far this year we've had 20 launches, keeping track of which sites need updates can quickly become difficult to manage.

Inexpensive Image Editing Tools: Format your photos on a budget

We're often asked for recommendations on image editing software that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Photoshop is fantastic, but the price tag is steep, and in fact, its strengths can also be weaknesses in that it's actually such a powerful program that it can overwhelm the novice or intermediate user.

So, where do you turn if your needs are relatively straightforward and your budget is limited? I would recommend one of the following tools:

DrupalCon Sessions to help you manage your business

DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 is just around the corner and Raised Eyebrow hopes to "own the podium", sorry I couldn't resist. Chris and I have been to 2 Drupalcon's so far in our Drupal lifetime, and have decided it is time to give something back. We've come up with 2 Session Proposals that are overviews about how we used Drupal to create two killer applications for managing a small Web Business.

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