A Workplace that Cares

An article with the title 3 Reasons to Treat Employees Like Family at Inc.com caught my eye last Sunday morning. I've naturally been thinking a lot about the workplace culture at Raised Eyebrow lately (and will probably be blogging about it a bit more) as we're one of five finalists for the Best Employer award at Small Business BC. But really, it's something that's never too far from my mind.


Makers Gonna Make

We've long talked about getting a couch or some kind of lounge area at the office. And now, as we're thirteen years into Raised Eyebrow (though admittedly not all at this location), we've finally done it. 

The interior design was done by Mak Interiors (Amber Kingsnorth) and we're all in love with it.

3 Month Check-ups for Your Website

We've recently started implementing 3 month follow-up meetings post a site/app/project launch with our clients as a formal part of our process (meaning it actually goes on the task list then turns into a meeting). I'm writing this post at a coffee shop, just a few minutes after completing one such review and reflecting on why we didn't implement this formally much sooner.

I'm back!

A year ago today, on a sunny September afternoon, my two amazing babies, Azalea and Ryan, were born at 31 weeks and 3 days gestation.  There is a higher risk of premature labour with twins, but I thought I was being cautious, planning to finish up work at the end of 32 weeks.  However, my body had other plans and those babies wanted out! 

Born after an hour and 39 minute natural birth, both babies were small (4 lbs and 3 lbs 6 ounces) but vigorous.  They spent 38 days at the NICU growing bigger so that we could take them home. 

Teaching Drupal at UBC

I've always loved teaching. In my 20's I taught guitar to anyone who wanted to learn. I've never been quite sure why I loved it so much. It may be that I'm good with people, having been a musical performer for many years. It may be seeing the satisfaction in a student's face when they finally 'get it'. So when Emira approched me a few weeks back about a request she'd had from UBC in regards to teaching a Drupal course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Moving On

Just about six months ago, I stepped away from Raised Eyebrow on maternity leave. And while I've spent a lot of the past few months doing the prosaic sort of stuff one expects to be doing when caring for a newborn baby, I've also spent some time pondering my next steps, career-wise. And I've decided that it's time for me to move on from my position as Partner here.


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