Why I'm Loving Medium

Medium, tagline "A better place to read and write things that matter", is the latest project of Ev Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame. It's a platform, currently in select user  beta, that allows those selected users to write content and publish it to the web. So what? There are lots of tools that allow for that, some of them created by Ev in fact. Here's what makes Medium different (and what I happen to love about it):


At a meeting last week we heard about Videum, a new online video-sharing platform targeted at the health sector that provides captioning, translating and subtitling for videos. Essentially it allows users to easily share this media in any language, which is extremely appealing to our client as they already publish some of their resources in multiple languages, normally at great cost.

Ready or not - the new Facebook timeline format

Although we haven't mentioned non-profit tech guru Beth Kanter much here in the past (in fact I checked – we did only once and it was in 2008) her blog is definitely one that's always on our radar. Beth is a frequent contributor to nonprofit technology websites, blogs and magazines and she knows her stuff. So when Beth talks, we should all listen!


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