Accessing node flagged status in a Drupal 7 theme

I was recently working on a Drupal 7 project which required updating an Image style on a node based on whether or a flag was set or not.

The Requirements

The specific context was that the nodes were biography nodes and each biography had an image attached. The requirement was to give editors the ability to allow certain bio's to display a large or small version of an uploaded image.

Accessing Influence with Twitter

A lovely Twitter interaction happened to one our beloved colleagues/clients last week that exemplifies one of the things that I find most interesting and powerful about using Twitter at this moment in time: the low barrier to entry in terms of connections with spheres of influence.

In this particular instance, one of the owners of, Suzanne Siemens (@luna_gal), posted this tweet:

Someone stole our Twitter name!

One of our newer clients recently had the misfortune of discovering that their Twitter name was not available. The ideal short name for this non-profit seems to belong to someone in Somalia who posted two posts back in April of 2007 and otherwise lays dormant. A frustrating state of affairs akin to finding that your preferred website domain name is already occupied.

Rewrite a Views query

Recently, due to Views lack of ability to OR it's filters together and due to some serious constraints in relation to arguments and relationships, I found myself needing to figure out how to rewrite the SQL of a Drupal view so that I could get the records that I needed.

It seems like there are two ways to do this. You can either rewrite the SQL directly, or try to hack the query object that views provides.

A quick Google search and I ended up on

Wordpress for Writers

Last month I ran a very successful workshop for writers/journalists on the topic of setting up a portfolio site. I'm running it again later this month (November 21-22), here's the description:

As a writer, you know you need a website-something clean, professional and easy on the eyes. You also know it can cost serious money to hire a web designer to do it for you.


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