Welcome Back, Chris!

Re-reading the title for this post, the theme song for Welcome Back, Kotter pops unbidden into my head. In some ways maybe it's an appropriate reference, because we have brought back to the fold a smart, beloved, and drily witty colleague, Chris Torgalson, after a year-long stint at grad school in Belgium. (That being said, the parallels pretty much end there... certainly none of us are about to 'fess up to being Sweathogs.)

Chris was our first-ever hire at Raised Eyebrow, taking over the coding reins from me, and during his time here he helped put us on the map for open-source CMS development. He has experience with several open-source CMS options including Drupal (our CMS of choice for most projects) and Typo3, a lesser-known but highly robust CMS used by several of our clients.

We are incredibly excited to have Chris back at Raised Eyebrow; he and Colin are already working on streamlining some of our Drupal development processes, and it is evident that two intelligent, focused, technical problem-solving heads are indeed better (or at least faster) than one. I look forward to seeing what these two can accomplish together in the coming months!