Provincial Government Funding for New Technology Training Could Help Offset the Cost of a New Website?

Depending on the size of your organization and whether or not you have previously applied for this program, there is a BC Government initiative which your organization may be able to use to offset some of the cost of your website (re)design and development project.

Information about the program and the one page application form are available on the Ministry website:

In brief the eligibility requirements are:

  • Business or organization (non-profit organizations are eligible) with less than 50 employees (this number would not include volunteers).
  • Been operating for more than a year.
  • Apply the funding to training which will “help improve productivity” and/or “support the introduction of new equipment, technology or work process”. Your new CMS should be eligible as a new technology which will also help improve productivity.
  • You must have not already applied for the grant.

The grant offers:

  • Up to $1,500 per employee for training costs
  • An organizational maximum of $5,000

Please note that training for Owners is not eligible for the grant, however, we have been unable to ascertain whether or not Executive Directors are excluded (there is no language that says so, and the Ministry has been slow to respond).

The program is in place until January 31, 2011.

Please note, this is a one time grant so if you feel there is other training to which you could better apply this grant, then we would advise you to not apply for the grant for your website training.

Of course Raised Eyebrow can not guarantee that your funding will be approved, but the training we provide to our clients as a part of a website redesign or a new development project does fit into the criteria of the program. We are in no way affiliated with this program, we simply want to make our clients aware of it as we are conscious of the limited resources that many of our clients operate under.

More information: