Vertical Response Release New Editor

Vertical Response, an online newsletter software, recently released an update to their editor.  WOW!  What an improvement.

The old editor, used for editing custom HTML templates was pretty picky.  It reminded me of Microsoft Word, in that you might press return once and get a huge gaping hole in your layout. Or press backspace once and the entire design would disappear. Undo was a most used feature.  And often the remedy was to extract the source and fix things up in Dreamweaver, combing through line by line.

That said, I've always liked Vertical Response because I like the management interface, including the list manager, and after gaining enormous popularity, they are still offering their service FREE to nonprofits, which is awesome for many of our clients.

So recently I logged into Vertical Response and made a copy of a campaign and got the prompt "NEW: Copy to New Canvas Editor."  I ticked the box and this opened the newsletter in the new editor and it was a beautiful transformation.

My favourite improvement is the Format drop-down, which allows you to apply paragraph styles defined in the CSS by simply highlighting text and choosing a style from the drop-down.  Prior to this you would have to copy a few characters from a paragraph with the formatting you wanted, paste it in the desired location, and then edit it.  So this was a big improvement.

Another plus is the tick box that allows you to automatically generate a text-based version of the email.  This prevents the need to carry content changes in two versions of the email.

If you are still using the old editor, give the new one a try.