How the Social Web Can Land You $100,000

Ok, so that might be a bit of a misleading headline, but it's not totally false. In fact, in about a week it just might be true. You see one of our retainer clients, Covenant House Vancouver, are making use of their award winning blog, their Facebook Page, Twitter account and their email newsletter system to reach out to their existing supports in a bid to win a content currently being run by Pepsi Canada to award a Canadian non-profit organization, business or idea $100,000. The prize will go to the group with the most votes, which is where Covenant House's existing toolbox of supporter connections comes in. They've been, respectfully contacting their supporters through all the channels they have at their disposal to get folks to vote for them. Currently they're in third place. This is how the social web works.

Today week they produced the simple but to the point video below, that is making its rounds on the web through people's Facebook and Twitter feeds as well, in support of the cause.

Will all of this win them $100,000? Hard to say, but the great thing is they had the tools ready to go when an opportunity like this arose. Applying for this $100K was not in their communications or fundraising plan for 2010, but when the Pepsi program was launched they were well positioned to take advantage of it and activate their supporters to boost their chances.

So much of effective communications and capacity building work is about seizing moments that are often not of your organization's making. Whether it's an online contest that might boost your profile or land you some serious donation funds, a change in government policy you didn't see coming, or any other unforeseen event that requires immediate mobilization of your supporter base. Yes, we can all be over saturated with social media and it can be hard to figure out how your organization can really make the best use of the various tools available on a day to day basis, but building up a group of meaningful supporters, and ensuring you have access to channels to communicate effectively with them, can allow an organization to really capitalize on an opportune moment when it comes knocking.

Will Covenant House win $100,000? We'll find out next week, but if you want to help you can vote here.