A busy Open Source week

For those in the know it's Open Source Week May 2-7 and it's been a busy week for us here at Raised Eyebrow. There are lots of events happening around the city to celebrate all things open. Luckily, Raised Eyebrow is involved in more ways than one.

OGDI Field Module on Drupal.org

I launched my OGDI Field module on Drupal.org. It's now available for you to download and try out on your own Drupal website. The only requirement is that you need the CCK module and you're set.

Drupal Mixer - May 4th

I received a last minute call on Wednesday to fill in for an ill Aaron McGowan at the Drupal Mixer at the Waldorf Hotel. I spoke about the OGDI Field module and its use on Datadotgc.ca. It was great night with some awesome speakers and great chance to schmooze with my Vancouver Drupal peeps.

WordCamp: Developers - May 5th

On Thursday the full Raised Eyebrow dev team of Colin, Chris, Matt and Travis spent the day developing our WordPress skills at the WordCamp: Developers conference at the SFU harbour centre. What an event. Extremely well organized and some amazing speakers, the highlight being Allen Pike's talk on Javascript.

Make Web Not War - May 7th

The Finale to the Open Source week is the Make Web Not War event on Saturday. Here's a description from the website:

At this conference, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and techniques available to the ever-evolving web community. Here we will explore the power and flexibility of new web paradigms, mixed web environments, interoperable applications, and PHP on Windows and Azure. MWNW is about bridging the gap between different platforms, communities, and developers of all trades and backgrounds.

Lauren and I are both presenting at the event. Lauren's speaking on the topic of "Curious for a Living", about why it’s important for us tech-types to ask smart questions to help our clients get better results. I'll be there to give a lightning talk on the OGDI Field module and how to use it within Drupal to create something like this.

It promises to be a wonderful event with lots of Open Source and Open Data discussion. Hope to see you there.