RE Apache SOLR Extras module on Github

This is another small Drupal module that was developed to satisfy a single requirement. In this case, the requirement was to allow the creation of Apache SOLR cores via the Drupal administration backend. We developed a site cloning tool for a client using the Aegir project, and each cloned site required its own individual Apache SOLR search, which in turn meant setting up an individual core for each individual site. Setting up individual cores can be a tricky process and this module provides a simple interface for creating the cores. The process of creating cores manually is documented on When you configuring Apache SOLR on your site, you usually visit - configuration page, and enter the Apache SOLR path:

However, when cloning sites with this module enabled and installing/running multiple cores you will be presented with this dialog/message if a core has not been configured:

To create your core, simple enter the correct path in the "Solr Path" field and click the create core button. The module is currently only available in a Drupal 6 version, and you can find it at github.