RE Help Module on github

We write a lot of small Drupal modules for client sites. Often these modules just do a single, small job that makes Drupal slightly easier or more convenient to use. One of the standard services we provide for Drupal clients is an online help manual containing general Drupal information, plus specific documentation about how to use the various custom features we build on clients' individual sites. Recently we realized that, though we always provide access to this manual, we could make it more convenient for clients to access by placing a link to it directly in clients own websites. This module was the result. The module (which is available for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7) contains various configuration settings--so that you don't need to link to Raised Eyebrow's help site, and so that you can make the link text more suitable to your own needs. Find the module on github.

The RE Help module's settings page