Our Help Manual

The lack of user documentation for open-source projects, like Wordpress and Drupal the two Content Management Systems we develop in most frequently at Raised Eyebrow, is a known issue. While a thriving user base and a good google search can often turn up answers to questions not addressed in documentation for a development team, that's not really a viable solution for end-users, in our case clients who are simply trying to maintain and manage their websites. And, since we build a lot of custom Drupal Modules or Wordpress Plugins to meet our client's specific communications needs, we then become the folks responsible for documentation.

For many years, we would produce help manuals as PDF documents for our clients to refer to as they managed content and information on their sites, until one day we got wise and built our own customized online help site with Drupal. Help.Raisedeyebrowclients.com is a living document, with both shared and individualized content for our clients to access the help they need to maintain their Drupal and Wordpress sites. Our intent with the site is to support our clients in being able to do their own updates and manage their own day to day administration of their Drupal or Wordpress sites, while also helping to assure them that choosing an open source product will not leave them in the lurch when it comes to finding useful documentation. For some of the larger projects that we've done we have actually produced entire customized help sites which the client can then maintain in-house adding to the documentation themselves over time.

As we're working on the new Raised Eyebrow site, we've also been spending some time thinking about how to improve the Help site, so if you're a client of Raised Eyebrow's expect to see some changes in terms of how information is organized, as well as some more interactive features to allow you to rank the usefulness of help articles so that we can be refining and improving the content over time.