Webinar: 8 Best Practice Do's + Don'ts for Holiday Fundraising

Online Fundraising ImageAs those in the non-profit world are only too aware, the holiday season is a big time for fundraising. Up to 1/2 of all donations for an organization can come in during this busy donor outreach season, through either targeted campaigns or as a result of end of the year giving.

Delivered by Partner and Lead Strategist, Emira Mears and Christine Smith, a Project Manager with an extensive background in online fundraising, this webinar will focus on best practices for online fundraising efforts. Knowing that campaigns for holiday giving will be underway any day now, this webinar is focused on giving you targeted tips you can put into practice right away to help improve your online donor development now.

If your organization is not organizing a holiday giving campaign, these best practice tips will help you ensure you're website and online communications campaigns are helping your fundraising and member development efforts year round.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Anyone responsible for running online giving or donor development campaigns
  • While geared at improving your holiday asks, the tools here would be valuable for those doing online fundraising any time of year
  • Anyone currently considering revamping their online tools -- website, social media, newsletters, etc. -- with an eye to increasing the fundraising impact

You'll learn:

  • Quick changes you can make on your website to improve donor conversions
  • How to use your statistics to improve your asks
  • How to engage your community to get better fundraising results
  • Encourage your community to help you build your list


Presentation Slidedeck: