We Built the Internet Hall of Fame

While it's not quite the same as the honour of being inducted, we were pretty thrilled earlier this year when The Internet Society asked our team to build the online home of the Internet Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame site was built to honour some of our greatest heros, the people whose work has literally made our jobs possible like Vint Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee. Also in this year's round of inductees, Mitchell Baker, Open Source advocate and founding chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, and a woman we have much respect and admiration for here at Raised Eyebrow.


Like the technology it's intended to honour, the website is still an evolving space. In addition to honouring and adding new inductees each year, the website will grow to include a dynamic timeline of the history of the internet, and blog posts from Wired contributors that engage on a deeper level with the inductees. 


From our end, we're proud to have built the site in Drupal, using a responsive theme (visit the site on a smart phone or tablet to see what I mean) and with our commitment to accessibility standards. The Internet Society is a member based organization doing incredible work to advocate on behalf of the internet that I first fell in love with oh so many years ago, and it has been a real honour to work with them on this project. Here's to the inductees, who will be honoured at a gala event in Geneva tonight, and to my team who pulled this site off with their usual grace under fire. 


Update: To read more about the Internet Hall of Fame, check out this article at Wired.com