Going Mobile with Email newsletters

Mailchimp just informed us that:

Smartphones just outsold desktop computers

and if you not already aware, that matters! Mobile handheld device sales are rocketing. There's a proliferation of Tablets, Pads and Phones in the homes and pockets of todays consumers. That means consumption of information is increasing on these devices. Mailchimp carried out some extensive testing to get to the root of email usage on mobile. It turns out that "72% (of the people tested) read their emails in bed". That's a staggering figure and may help you consider your email newsletter more closely. It's also used frequently on Public Transportation, Waiting in like and while at the Bar. 87% of people also consume work and personal email together.

Some more helpful tidbits from the report include:

  • Keep it short - People like to filter or skim; and delete!
  • Add sharing - Tweet this buttons
  • Allow saving for later - Use Instapaper links
  • Use large(r) font sizes - 18px, 19px
  • Use thumb friendly buttons
  • Multi-column layouts are OK!
  • Use clear sections

Mailchimp once again show their leadership among email newsletter providers. We've been constantly impressed by their offerings, and we recommend and use them with many of our clients. They're always ahead of the curve, way ahead, and their mobile readiness shows that. They can also integrate with many business systems. We understand that Increasing click through rates and return on your newsletters is vital. We're very experienced in setting up campaings, importing your lists, managing your lists and helping you with templating. We've even built modules to connect your Drupal site to Mailchimp. We can even help with the design. We're also experienced in the mobile arena and can help you think more strategically about what you're sending out.

Devices are outselling desktops, Microsoft just entered a new player in the tablet market and screen sizes are getting smaller on one end and larger on the other (TV's). You need to make sure that the content you deliver has the ability to be readable on all of these devices.