Best Employer in BC

Best Employer 2013 Award

Raised Eyebrow has made it to the finalist round in the Small Business BC Awards in the Best Employer Category, and I could not be more delighted.

Local and small business feel like buzz words these days, but I can safely say they have always been an integral part of my values system. Growing up in Victoria BC, I was really fortunate to live in a community of vibrant, dynamic small businesses. I grew up frequenting restaurants, clothing stores, bakeries, bookshops and the like owned by family friends or by people who became friends over our years of patronage. My first jobs were all working for small local businesses, where I felt like I was given a chance to learn and gain responsibility. 

I've long been a person who tries to make thoughtful purchases. Considering where goods come from, and how services are delivered. It is vitally important to me that when our clients choose to work with Raised Eyebrow they can feel confident that they are making a purchase from a business that respects them, but also values its employees.

In a service based business like ours, employees are the biggest cost and the biggest asset we have. I value the people who choose to spend their working lives here at Raised Eyebrow above all else, and being recognized for the company's role as an employer would be such an honour. We're nominated along with some other great BC businesses. For now, I need to work on a pitch to deliver on Thursday and then we leave it up to the judges to determine who deserves recognition as BC's top small business employer.