Makers Gonna Make

We've long talked about getting a couch or some kind of lounge area at the office. And now, as we're thirteen years into Raised Eyebrow (though admittedly not all at this location), we've finally done it. 

The interior design was done by Mak Interiors (Amber Kingsnorth) and we're all in love with it.

Photos are below. I think everyone's favourite feature, (aside from the couch), is the carpet. While we all love the wood floors in our 1912 office building, the bright colours of the carpet are such an invigorating sight, especially on these rainy Vancouver days. We've also added to our letter press artwork collection with a great "Makers Gonna Make" print that I came across, in true web fashion, on a friend's Instagram feed. 

My own office is also a thing of beauty and a delight to come to each day. Amber finally found a way to display some of my beloved pieces of art from (mostly) local artists, friends and colleagues, including Lori Joy Smith, Mia Hansen, Banquet and Lisa Congdon.

Emira's Office at Raised Eyebrow Web Studio

It was long past time for a bit of a facelift and sprucing up around here and so wonderful to collaborate with another creative who excels at her craft. Thanks Amber!