Browser Version and Settings

When a client comes to me with a website issue, a question I've learned to ask well before approaching the development team is "What browser are you using, what version do you have and what settings are configured". We need that information to try and recreate the issue before we can even begin to troubleshoot it.


However, more often than not, a client's answer to this question is "I don't know". Afterall, knowing web stuff is our job, not theirs! But because everyone's computer and browser is setup differently, it's not always easy to walk someone through figuring it out. I've spent some serious time on the phone frustrating both clients and myself to this end. But no more!


Enter - it's a lifesaver! Now I can send clients to the site and the information I've requested appears on their screen (see screenshot below). I can even take it one step further and customize a URL which will trigger an email to send me the same information once they click on the link. It's quick, easy to use and a much better use of everyone's time.