What Will Digital Success Look Like for Non Profits in 2014?

In our industry its tempting, but difficult, to predict what the future will bring. The pace of digital change, as we all know, continues to accelerate and the same tools won’t have the same impact for every organization. Most of our clients are seeing mobile use of their websites go up exponentially, and many are noticing a change in the impact that Social Media channels are having on everything from donations to community engagement and list growth.

More and more, in addition to doing solid design and development work, we are helping our clients strategize about how to best allocate their resources. Whether it’s assessing the impact of making their site mobile responsive, or putting more effort into donor development through digital channels, we’re always honoured to partner with our clients to create a strategies that help ensure their digital efforts are having an impact.

The joy of working in our sector often comes from two places when we’re doing strategic consulting. First, it’s in helping our clients share stories of the amazing work they’re doing -- stories which are never in short supply -- to communities that are listening. The second is in helping their digital and communications teams measure impact and refine their efforts so that time, which is all too often the most precious commodity, isn’t wasted maintaining ineffective social media channels or wondering where the most impact would come from.

We’re always happiest when the work we do for our clients helps them more effectively (and ideally with less effort) connect with their communities, and we look forward to connecting with you in 2014.