User Interface Changes with WordPress 3.9 "Smith"

You may have noticed some changes with WordPress 3.9, which they are calling “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith (not after our dearest Christine Smith), including:

Paste Changes

Paste from Word was removed and Paste as Plain Text was turned into a toggle, instead of a box overlay.



This means that when you click Paste as Plain Text instead of a box popping up where you paste your content, the Plain text mode is engaged and you paste your content directly into the editing area. Make sure the button is engaged when you do your paste, as indicated by a small black outline around the button on the toolbar. 


We also noticed that the paste behaviour possibly added less space between paragraphs. This means that there is a bit of cleanup to be done in terms of defining the paragraphs in your content. I usually go to the beginning of each paragraph and hit backspace and then hit enter. This removes the break tag and creates a paragraph tag instead, which allows you to apply styles to headings without the style wrapping to the entire paragaph.


On a tangent, I'm left scratching my head why the underline button remains!*&(&*??? Because underlining content is a conventional way of indicating a hyperlink it is always confusing for users to see underlined text that isn't a hyperlink. If you want your links to be underlined, then this should be set through the stylesheet.

Image Editing

If you have your images handy, you can now drag and drop your images right into the editor and then drag the corner of your image to resize



This makes adding images a snap! Just optimize your image with your favourite image editor and then drag them into the WordPress editor.



Audio/Video Playlists


There is now the ability to add Video or Audio playlists.


But should you? We'll be looking into whether this feature should be used, as it brings up some concerns about file storage, unless you are using Amazon or like 3rdy party storage. More to come on this.



For more information on WordPress 3.9 click here.