CASL Compliant Email Sign-up Forms

I thought I'd sign up on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation website to get email updates. Their form is pretty busy looking:



I'm thinking, terrific, this must be a good example of a CASL compliant sign-up process. Then I noticed that the Subscribe/Unsubscribe is a toggle set to subscribe. This is very weird given the clarification that has been provided by the Commision regarding their distain for precheck boxes:


6. The Commission therefore considers that a default toggling state that assumes consent cannot be used as a means of obtaining express consent under the Act for the purposes of sending CEMs [paragraph 6(1)(a)], altering transmission data in electronic messages in the course of a commercial activity (e.g. network re-routing) [paragraph 7(1)(a)], or installing a computer program on another person’s computer in the course of a commercial activity [paragraph 8(1)(a)].

Compliance and Enforcement Information Bulletin CRTC 2012-549


So when are they going to bring their form into compliance? Will it be ahead of when Canada's New Anti-Spam Legislation comes into force July 1, 2014? If they think an unchecked box is a best practice, why aren't they following the best practice?