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  • New launch: BC Centre for Disease Control

    by Lauren Bacon June, 26 2009 Comments

    BC Centre for Disease Control screen captureWe're delighted to announce that the BC Centre for Disease Control has launched their new website. The BCCDC provides a wide range of services for British Columbians that extend far beyond the "hazmat" image many people have when they think about disease control.

  • Drupal Coda Book

    by Colin Calnan June, 4 2009 Comments

    I'd been itching to try out Coda as my development tool, and their recent 3 day sale meant I got a copy for $45. It's pretty good so far, I have a couple of issues with it that I'll cover in a later post. One really nice thing about it is the Books feature. This allows you to add reference material to your Coda development environment and search it without having to go to a browser. I'm always needing the Drupal API, well I actually use this one http://drupalcontrib.org/, which is a brilliant Core and Contrib API, perfect for those tricky Views or Webform moments. Setting up a book is really easy, and here is a screen shot of the settings for a book for Drupal 5 and Drupal 6.

  • Ideas worth spreading require many languages

    by Lauren Bacon May, 13 2009 Comments

    TED, purveyors of mindblowing talks by some of the world's most visionary thinkers (and most engaging speakers), made a big announcement today: they've launched their Open Translation Project, which currently provides subtitles for TED talks in 40 languages.

    Translating content is not revolutionary in and of itself -- although as someone who has worked on multi-language websites, I can tell you that successful translation efforts require a truly mind-boggling amount of careful planning and even more careful execution -- but TED has done something very interesting here, that's worth a closer look for anyone providing rich content and hoping to reach a broad audience.

    The translations are made possible through the efforts of volunteer translators. Here's how TED is handling quality control:

  • Green: The Colour of Cyberpunk?

    by Lauren Bacon February, 18 2009 Comments

    Designers like to talk about the language of colours: the way different colours make us feel, the symbols they're linked to (e.g. purple = royalty, Easter, etc.), and how they relate to each other. Lately I've been thinking about green -- and today I noticed something about green I hadn't noticed before: It's got some serious traction in the cyberpunk world.

    This morning I met with a client who is debating the use of green for their website. Green's a tricky colour, because depending on the shade, it can evoke freshness and vitality or organic earthiness -- or if you veer too far into the yellow spectrum, you hit upon tones that get pretty acidic. There are sectors where green is such an obvious choice it's almost cliche, as our environmentally-focused clients can attest; whereas in healthcare, for instance, there's resistance to anything smacking of "hospital green" or colours that might hint at sickness.

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