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  • RE Help Module on github

    by Christopher Torgalson October, 27 2011 Comments

    We write a lot of small Drupal modules for client sites. Often these modules just do a single, small job that makes Drupal slightly easier or more convenient to use. One of the standard services we provide for Drupal clients is an online help manual containing general Drupal information, plus specific documentation about how to use the various custom features we build on clients' individual sites. Recently we realized that, though we always provide access to this manual, we could make it more convenient for clients to access by placing a link to it directly in clients own websites. This module was the result.

  • RE Mailchimp Extras module on Github

    by Christopher Torgalson October, 20 2011 Comments

    This is another small module that was developed to satisfy a single requirement. In this case, the requirement was to insert data from specific Webform fields (first name, last name, email address and email opt-in only) directly to the client's Mailchimp account. The module isn't a replacement for a full-featured Mailchimp-management module, but at the time it was initially developed, no other modules we were aware of could satisfy the customer's requirement.

  • Build a slideshow with Context and RE Context Libraries

    by Christopher Torgalson October, 18 2011 Comments

    Our reason for writing the RE Context Libraries module (see the blog post for more info) was to fully utilize the power of the Context module when creating javascript-dependent features using the Features module. Confused? It's actually quite straightforward. Note that though this post is exclusively concerned with the Drupal 6 versions of the modules concerned, everything it discusses is also possible in Drupal 7.

  • RE Context Libraries module available on drupal.org

    by Christopher Torgalson October, 17 2011 Comments

    The RE Context Libraries module is the latest 'official' module released by Raised Eyebrow. This is a small module that builds upon the excellent Context module and has promises to be a real timesaver when theming new Drupal websites.

    The Context module's great advantage over Drupal's native Blocks module is that it dramatically expands the set of conditions that can be used to determine where blocks can be displayed. This enables us to build Drupal sites where the behaviour of blocks is quite sophisticated--for example, we might decide to display a block containing a list of upcoming events on event nodes or on nodes with a certain taxonomy term. On a stock Drupal site, this would require custom coding.

  • Accessing node flagged status in a Drupal 7 theme

    by Colin Calnan July, 22 2011 Comments

    I was recently working on a Drupal 7 project which required updating an Image style on a node based on whether or a flag was set or not.

    The Requirements

    The specific context was that the nodes were biography nodes and each biography had an image attached. The requirement was to give editors the ability to allow certain bio's to display a large or small version of an uploaded image.

    I considered using taxonomy, a CCK field and finally settled on using a flag. Mostly due to the fact that the Flag module places a nice Ajax link on the node for logged in users, allowing them to quickly tag and un-tag the node as needed.

    What you need to achieve this is:

  • Accessing Influence with Twitter

    by Emira Mears June, 30 2011 Comments

    A lovely Twitter interaction happened to one our beloved colleagues/clients last week that exemplifies one of the things that I find most interesting and powerful about using Twitter at this moment in time: the low barrier to entry in terms of connections with spheres of influence.

    In this particular instance, one of the owners of Lunapads.com, Suzanne Siemens (@luna_gal), posted this tweet:

    Screen capture of tweet by @luna_gal

    For those who can't "speak" Twitter, what Suzanne did here was share with her Twitter followers that she:

  • Someone stole our Twitter name!

    by Emira Mears August, 26 2010 Comments

    One of our newer clients recently had the misfortune of discovering that their Twitter name was not available. The ideal short name for this non-profit seems to belong to someone in Somalia who posted two posts back in April of 2007 and otherwise lays dormant. A frustrating state of affairs akin to finding that your preferred website domain name is already occupied.

    When it comes to Twitter names, you can of course use variants of your organization's name, taking on a "Canada" or simply a "CA" to the end of your Twitter handle or using some other variant of your name. The thing to be aware of there however, is that when limited to posting 140 characters a too long Twitter handle can actually get in the way, particularly when others want to retweet your post and therefore include your @TwitterName in their post. (Also note that Twitter currently restricts names to 15 characters).

  • Vertical Response Release New Editor

    by Anna Geeroms June, 14 2010 Comments

    Vertical Response, an online newsletter software, recently released an update to their editor.  WOW!  What an improvement.

    The old editor, used for editing custom HTML templates was pretty picky.  It reminded me of Microsoft Word, in that you might press return once and get a huge gaping hole in your layout. Or press backspace once and the entire design would disappear. Undo was a most used feature.  And often the remedy was to extract the source and fix things up in Dreamweaver, combing through line by line.

    That said, I've always liked Vertical Response because I like the management interface, including the list manager, and after gaining enormous popularity, they are still offering their service FREE to nonprofits, which is awesome for many of our clients.

  • Rewrite a Views query

    by Colin Calnan April, 13 2010 Comments

    Recently, due to Views lack of ability to OR it's filters together and due to some serious constraints in relation to arguments and relationships, I found myself needing to figure out how to rewrite the SQL of a Drupal view so that I could get the records that I needed.

    It seems like there are two ways to do this. You can either rewrite the SQL directly, or try to hack the query object that views provides.

    A quick Google search and I ended up on Drupal.org

    Which then led me to the Views documentation

    From here I was able to deduce that the


    hook was what I needed.

    I created my module and added the hook:

  • Wordpress for Writers

    by Emira Mears November, 3 2009 Comments

    Last month I ran a very successful workshop for writers/journalists on the topic of setting up a Wordpress.com portfolio site. I'm running it again later this month (November 21-22), here's the description:

    As a writer, you know you need a website-something clean, professional and easy on the eyes. You also know it can cost serious money to hire a web designer to do it for you.

    This two-day workshop, led by Emira Mears of Raised Eyebrow Web Studio, will guide you through the basics of setting up, configuring and customizing the look and feel of a Wordpress.com website. In two four-hour sessions, you will create an outline for your site, configure the features you need -- a blog, categories, pages, images, links to related information, etc. -- and select and customize a design. You'll also learn how to update content and make changes yourself over time. All for the affordable rate of $140.

    Dates: November 21/22, 2009, 10 am - 2 pm

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