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Michael Bach
Canadian Association for Community Living

We worked with CACL’s senior staff to dive deep into the organization’s strengths, and to identify opportunities for online community-building that align with their long-term goals. Once we’d established a strategic framework for their online communications, we developed a concrete plan that included short- and long-term goals, and set to work on Phase 1: reworking the cacl.ca website to better reflect CACL’s priorities, goals and context.

Out With the Old

CACL’s existing website failed to convey the vibrant and compelling nature of the work in which the organization is involved; the design was drab and the content rarely updated (no surprise there, since all updates had to be performed by an external service provider). With no social media or blog integration, there was no sense of interaction for visitors, and little compelling reason for return visits. It was time to infuse some new life into CACL’s web presence and bring it in line with the collaborative work they were doing in the offline space.

In With the New

The new iteration of their website marks a move from a static, brochure-type site to a community-oriented, interactive site with a host of new functionality to support CACL's ambitious mission and organizational objectives. The redesign project was a textbook example of a move from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 (or, as we prefer to call it, the Social Web): We restructured the site with an eye to facilitating more engagement with CACL's online communities, integrated social media links, and built in two- and multi-way communication (blog comments, user profiles, the ability for people to share their own real-life stories, and even online advocacy tools such as petitions and email-an-MP campaigns).

As a policy-focused, advocacy organization, the CACL is also a source of deep information on the state of disability rights in Canada, so we built the site navigation in such a way that visitors can browse by topic - so, for example, if they are particularly interested in content relating to family supports or eradicating poverty, they can easily locate it with a single click from any page in the website.

All this, and the site is fully bilingual, too. CACL now has a website that's a much more accurate reflection of the breadth and depth of their work, as well as of where the organization is going - not just where it's been.

Measuring Success

The goals for this project included moving from a Web 1.0 website to a site that integrated Web 2.0 strategies: More user engagement, social media links, two- and multi-way communication (blog comments, etc.). While CACL did not have any specific, quantitative goals regarding site traffic & engagement, we sought to establish a general upward trend on various fronts, including number of unique visitors, number of email list subscribers, number of people contributing content (blog comments, user profiles, etc.). Since the new site launched, we have strong upswings in the aforementioned metrics.

Services provided:

The Ongoing Story

In addition to helping CACL rework their flagship website, Raised Eyebrow has been involved in several other initiatives, ranging from assisting with the hiring process for an Online Communications Coordinator, to planning the development of two project websites (one currently nearing launch, the other in early planning stages) and providing ongoing strategic consulting services.