We've worked with Raised Eyebrow since 2004, on two websites, a blog, an email newsletter and ongoing strategic consulting. Each project has been meticulously managed from the first initial meeting, to budget development, design, training and maintenance. Raised Eyebrow's knowledge of web strategy (including social media and online giving) and precise insights into the analytical aspects of measuring our on-line success has made them wonderful collaborators.

Michelle Clausius
Covenant House Vancouver

Covenant House works with Vancouver youth, primarily those aged 18-25 (who are under-served by government programs) who are in need of shelter, food, clothing or counselling. Many of them are homeless, and all of them are at real risk. Through Covenant House’s programs, thousands of young people have turned their lives around in meaningful ways. The love, support, and skill-building they’re able to access through Covenant House makes all the difference in the world to their chances of survival.

Our work with Covenant House Vancouver began, as many of our long-term client relationships do, with a website redesign. But after the new site launched, their staff came back to us and asked us how they could ensure it would continue to evolve over time, to support their fundraising and awareness-raising efforts. Over the course of several years, we’ve been proud to work with them in an ongoing capacity to increase online donations, extend their storytelling capabilities into the social media space, and engage their supporters well beyond the usual “ask” letters and print newsletters.

One of the challenges of working for a social service agency like Covenant House is that in order to respect the privacy of the people you serve - in this case, the youth who come to Covenant House for respite - you can’t use any identifying information about them in your communication materials. This makes it difficult to create the heart-to-heart connection that’s so vital in attracting and retaining supporters. We’ve worked with Covenant House’s staff to develop a strategy for sharing youth stories on their blog & other social media outlets that communicates some of the real struggles their youth face while honouring their need for confidentiality.

While we’ve seen Covenant House through two website redesigns, we’re particularly proud of the ongoing evolution of their online communications, which has seen remarkable results for the organization. A recent third-party review of their online fundraising noted that their average online gift was more than triple their offline average - an outstanding achievement for a local charity working on a lean staffing budget.

Services Provided:

The Ongoing Story

Raised Eyebrow works with Covenant House in a pro-active, ongoing capacity to review key metrics such as website analytics, social media “follows”, search traffic, online donations, and so on - and to evolve the online communications strategy accordingly. We meet with their team quarterly to check in on new campaigns and priorities, and to help them assign their budget to the highest-impact tools for supporting their work.

This ongoing relationship allows us to work closely with Covenant House to maximize return on investment across the board, which in turn ensures they are able to plan effectively for future campaigns and enhancements to their online toolkit.