Out With the Old

Their old website was in need of a visual update, hard to navigate, huge, and buried some of the key content members needed to find. The goals of the website redesign project were to migrate them from a custom CMS to Drupal, create a new look and feel, improve wayfinding, better integrate social media and make the site mobile responsive, to better server their members.

In With the New

Raised Eyebrow worked with the HSA to do a content audit and inventory of their large depth and breadth of content, and to then design and develop a new site.  Much of the wayfinding improvements to the site came from streamlining and paring down content to arrive at the most valuable content for HSA members, archiving extraneous content to ease the user experience. The new site contains an events calendar, email action tool, integrated social media, and enables smooth embedding of 3rd party multimedia content.  The new design meeets the HSA's priorities, connecting their users to the information they need and also beautifully showcasing their photo assets.  The new site is also mobile responsive, adjusting at three different 'break points' to a desktop, tablet, and mobile display, as demonstrated above (click on the thumbnails to view the different versions).

Measuring Success

We simplified the site navigation and content structure to ease “findability”, and emphasized the information members need to access: News, Member Benefits, and Help info.  The design aesthetic is clean and modern, which suits the personality of the HSA who represent a group of innovative professional members.  The design integrates Latest Tweet, Social Icons and Newsletter signup and logically responds to device sizes, providing desktop, tablet, and mobile versions. Since launch, visits have gone up 340%, average duration of visits has increased by 28%, and their bounce rate has gone down by 11%.  Mobile use has expanded dramatically.

Services Provided