Out With the Old

Paperny's new site has a great design, sophisticated functionality and a solid foundation. Thanks for making this such a smooth and pleasant process.

Audrey Mehler
Paperny Entertainment

Paperny came to us with a dated, static website that didn't reflect the dynamic nature of their work, and that looked far too staid for a company that had built its brand on its commitment to provocative subjects. Worst of all, the website featured only one video. For a company that produces hours of fresh footage every day, a few production stills and some descriptive text was a poor substitute for the real thing.

In With the New

Our primary focus was on raising the profile and dynamism of Paperny's productions. Video samples of every TV show and film took pride of place, both on the company's home page - where the latest production footage is posted alongside frequent updates from the Paperny team's blog - and on each production's landing page, where a sleek interface allows visitors to browse photo and video galleries, read related blog posts, and even catch up on the buzz from around the web, via a social media feed that captures audience comments from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the blogosphere. All of this is supplemented with an online store where fans can pick up DVDs of their favourite shows.

A fresh, bold design provides a vivid backdrop for Paperny's work; it's colourful and exciting, but avoids competing with the content, which of course is the real star. There's room for each show's identity to come through and take centre stage.

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The Ongoing Story

The new website is just one part of Paperny's overall online communication strategy. Keep an eye out for the company's new television productions, which will be integrating social media in innovative ways to capture real-time conversation and feedback. We look forward to seeing how these gifted storytellers will push the boundaries of new media just as they have done with video and film.