CMS Training & Documentation

Raised Eyebrow delivers customized training and support as a part of all our CMS development projects. The goal of our training is to familiarize your team with your Drupal or WordPress content management, editing, and website administration capabilities, so that you can take the reigns when it comes to managing your site content. Creating efficient training processes and legacy training documentation helps to ensure that the website is a success, through strong internal user buy-in and a solid transfer of knowledge. We have extensive experience training staff, administrators and volunteer website editors on using both Drupal and WordPress.

Raised Eyebrow creates integrated online manuals for the management of site information and CMS administration. Each manual is highly customized to the particular configuration and feature set of each individual website that we produce.

They are always up to date on the latest standards, and always take the time to share their expertise with our own staff, helping us stay current with processes, codes and best practices. We use their code as the standard for how we like to get files from all external web studios.

Hilary Horlock
Provincial Health Services Authority

To learn more about our documentation and training, read this blog post on our customized online help manual.

Custom Documentation & Training

For projects with extensive custom coding, our developers can also provide commented code or other forms of detailed technical documentation. We have also trained internal technical teams on advanced site administration functions, with a particular emphasis on building our clients' in-house Drupal administration capacity.

Workshops & Webinars

We offer a wide variety of workshops and webinars aimed at helping your non-technical team members use the web effectively to engage and connect with your communities online. For more details on upcoming webinars and custom-designed workshops, please visit our Events page.